St. Louis Yoga at Change, Inc.What are your rates?

In the greater metro east area, you have many options available to you for St. Louis Yoga.  You may be used to participating in group classes, or signing up for memberships as part of an individual yoga studio or a gym membership

Why We’re Different
Change, Inc. isn’t going to ask you to put down a bunch of money in a membership, and we don’t have the overhead of most yoga studios.  Instead, we provide a safe, one-on-one setting for you to advance your individual therapeutic goals, and to connect those experiences meaningfully with the very best help in mental health St. Louis has to offer.
And here’s the best part: You pay for each session individually, and you’ll always know where you stand!  Though there are certainly advantages to joining group or gym yoga classes, we think you’ll be overwhelmingly happy with the kind of care we’ll provide.  Many clients use it as an add-on to therapy and/or to their existing yoga regimen, but many clients also choose to invest their time and energy in our one-on-one environment to ensure maximum growth.

One-on-One St. Louis Therapeutic Yoga is Affordable.  There’s no pressure – let’s talk.

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